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Stella holds up a yellow painting and smiles

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Your donation can support Stella to reach her goals. One day, she dreams of being a painter and working with all the colours of the rainbow. Or a vet, to help young puppies be their best!

Meet Stella

Your donation can support Stella to achieve her dreams of becoming a vet, or a painter.

“My name is Stella and I am six years old. I was born with a condition called Achromatopsia – it means that my eyes don’t work very well, and I only see in black and white. I have to wear special glasses all the time. My eyes will never get any better, so I will see in black and white for my whole life.

I use a white cane to get around outside and Katrina from Guide Dogs has been teaching me lots of new skills. I also use a lot of technology every day to help me with school and other things. I want to be a Vet when I grow up, or maybe a painter.

Even though the problem with my eyes is rare, I know that there are other girls and boys my age that need lots of special help and training from Guide Dogs.”

Stella is dressed up as Freida Khalo holding a paint palette and smiling

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