2021 Christmas Appeal Results

Ezra standing in an inflatable pool while wearing a Spiderman swim suit

Remember Ezra?

Young Client Ezra featured in our 2021 Christmas Appeal.  Ezra’s mum Laura shared her journey and the rapid transformation that she and husband Eddie saw in Ezra once they started accessing the services at Guide Dogs.

Ezra smiling while wearing a Captain America outfit

We would like to say a very big thank you for the support that we received during the campaign and are thrilled to announce that $550,000 was raised over the campaign’s three month period.  Pleasingly, 85 cents out of every dollar raised has gone to our early childhood services and will go a long way in supporting other Clients like Ezra and their support networks in what we know to be a critical time in a child’s development and learning.

Bring joy to Clients like Melissa.

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