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Accessible Communities

Every person deserves the opportunity to access their environments and fully engage in their communities.

What is Accessible Communities?

Accessible Communities is a dedicated hub for businesses and organisations that are committed to creating inclusive spaces and services for people who are blind or have low vision.

Here, you will:

  • learn about best practice accessibility
  • find resources to support accessible practices
  • explore customised training and support from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to enhance your physical and digital accessibility.

Discover how we’re making a difference – learn about our approach to accessibility. Together, let’s foster an inclusive world where everyone thrives.

A person using their white cane at the train station while being guided by a train station attendant.
Accessibility means providing equal access to everyone.
New Braille and tactile bus stop signage.
There are many ways individuals and businesses can improve their accessibility. Get tips and resources to help here.
Two people seated at a cafe table looking at each smiling. Next to the table, at the feet of one of the people at the table, is a yellow labrador Guide Dog in harness who is looking at the camera.
Work with us to make your business more accessible, both in person and online.
Guide Dogs is proud to have a prominent voice for equal access in the community.