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We're on a mission to create a boundless world.

A portrait of Guide Dogs Client Jamal laughing, situated against a pink background with the handle of a long cane in frame.

What is a boundless world?

It’s a world where people with low vision or blindness have equal opportunities to pursue their passions, take risks and be valued for who they are, rather than just their disability.

A world where all people can access the things they need and desire, move safely through their environment and trust the communities and conversations they’re entering will treat them the way they want to be treated – which is usually about the same as anyone else.

We’ve heard from the low vision and blindness community what barriers they’d like to see removed in the world around us. Now we’re working with values-driven brands who can help create the solution.

We’ve formed a team of people with lived experience, accessibility experts and designers who can help improve the accessibility of everyday products, environments or media platforms to meet best practice accessibility standards – and push the boundaries of inclusive design.

This is genuine collaboration between Guide Dogs, brands, people with lived experience – and, if you’re willing, you. No more tokenism or fleeting efforts. We are committed to creating meaningful change, driven by the wants and needs of our community. They’ve raised their voices, we’ve listened and together with brands, we will make a difference.

Guide Dogs Client Abi looking away from the camera, smiling, against a beige coloured background.


Raising awareness about accessible travel for passengers with low vision and blindness - one puppy at a time.
Social media is for everyone. So let’s make sure everyone can access it.
Sparking awareness about the vital need for digital accessibility.
Improving access to Amazon's leading accessibility tech.
  • Learn more. The more you know about blindness and low vision, the more you can help break down barriers for the community. Read our FAQs to tackle real biases.
  • Tag a brand on our socials who might want to get involved in a Boundless Project to improve accessibility.
  • Start your own project. Got your own product, platform or content? Reach out to Guide Dogs via the form below and we’ll explore how we could help make your work more Boundless.

Partner with us to create a boundless world

Are you a values-driven brand or organisation wanting to help make your product, service or world more accessible? We want to work with you to make it happen.

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    Vision loss happens at all different ages. Thinking ahead and making sure that all the products in your store are easily identifiable makes such a difference to everyone. And you're thinking ahead and planning for a returning customer base, which is great.

    Ingrid Barnes Influencer and disability advocate
    Quote by Ingrid Barnes

    We sat down with some young people in the community to answer Australia’s top questions about blindness and low vision and set the record straight. Because the more you know, the more you can change. Click through to read our FAQs answered by real people with lived experience.