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Information and resources to support people with low vision or blindness.
A person and a yellow Guide Dog, in harness, sitting on grass outside. The person is smiling at the camera and the Guide Dog is a profile view.

Access all areas

Access is no joke.

Imagine if you were refused access to a café or a restaurant, told you couldn’t stay at a certain hotel, or take transport like taxis and ride-shares, buses and trains? Many people with low vision or blindness experience access challenges just like these on a daily basis.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join comedian, actor and Guide Dogs Ambassador Michelle Brasier and Broden Kelly of Aunty Donna fame as they introduce our Access All Areas campaign – a campaign designed to remove barriers for people with low vision or blindness, and provoke change – because access is no joke.

A person seated at a cafe table with a yellow labrador Guide Dog in harness seated next to their table. The person is reaching down touching the dogs face and the dog is looking up to the person.

Guide Dog Access Card

Guide Dog Access Card.

Developed in collaboration with NSW Police Force, the Guide Dog Access Rights card is designed to assist Guide Dog Handlers if they are denied access to a public place or business.

Learn more about the Guide Dog Access Card

A handler crossing the street with a black labrador Guide Dog in harness. The image is taken from the waist down of the person and the dog is looking to the left of the camera.

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