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Our Dogs.

Learn all about our puppies, Guide Dogs, training programs, and dogs with different career paths.
A black labrador Guide Dog seated against a grey background. The Guide Dog is in harness and is looking to the right of the camera.
Since 1957, we’ve been the leading provider of Guide Dogs in Australia, achieving global recognition for the quality of our Guide Dogs and training programs.
A yellow labrador Canine Court Companion Dog who is wearing a Guide Dog Canine Court Companion jacket. The dogs sitting not facing the camera but has turned their head so their face is.
Find out more about the Canine Court Companion Program, where Therapy Dogs provide support and affection for victims of crime attending court.
A yellow Labrador puppy sitting in a Guide Dog harness
Learn more about our puppies' earliest days, and their experiences in the Guide Dogs Breeding Centre.
A yellow labrador Guide Dog, wearing a harness. The dog is looking up at its handler.
Find out about our Guide Dog selection and training processes.
A black labrador Pets as Therapy Dog. The dog is seated outside on its back legs and it's wearing a Pets as Therapy dog coat. The dog is looking at the camera with its head tilted slightly.
Learn all about our Therapy Dogs program, including details on how to apply for a Therapy Dog.
Four eight week old labrador puppies sitting outside. Their front paws are perched on a ledge and there are multicolored balls and people in the background.
The Guide Dog Centre is our world-class facility for training, recreation, and general care.
Five labrador Guide Dogs in harness, three yellow and two black, seated flat on the ground outside. They are all looking at the camera and there are trees in the background.
Due to the exceptionally high standards required to become a Guide Dog or Therapy Dog, we need loving forever homes for the dogs that are not quite suited to these demanding roles.
A veterinarian examining an eight week old yellow labrador puppy. The puppy is on an examination bench and looking at the camera
While many people know about the dog’s level of skill and training, it is important to realise that Guide Dog Handlers also undergo intensive training and develop special skills that go toward making a successful partnership with a Guide Dog.
Venus a black labrador sitting outside wearing a blue jacket
Our Ambassador Dogs are specially selected canines that help us raise awareness about Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Ambassador Dogs often attend events and meet with donors, volunteers, and the general public.