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How to Improve Accessibility

There are many ways individuals and businesses can improve accessibility. Get tips and resources to help here.
New Braille and tactile bus stop signage.
A yellow labrador dog walking outside on grass with its handler. The handler is holding the lead while the dog is looking up at the handler.
A person with their Guide Dog is allowed in all public places.
Two people sitting at cafe table. Both people are smiling.
Learn how to assist a person with blindness or low vision when it's appropriate to do so.
A person sitting at a desk using their laptop. The image is a profile view.
Digital accessibility is the process of making digital products accessible to everyone, whether they have typical vision or are blind or have low vision.
A person assisting a person using a white cane down a set of stairs.
Everyone should be able to access a space conveniently, safely and as independently as possible. 

International Guide Dog Day 2024

Anywhere you can go, Guide Dogs can go too.