Chatter Paws Miniseries – Live Life to the Fullest through Exercise and Sport

Date | Time
Wed 22 September, 2021 7 pm – 8:30 pm
This is a free event.

About the event

Would you like to:

  • Have enough energy to carry out every day chores?
  • Join friends and family for active indoor and outdoor activities?
  • Meet new friends and experience new activities?
  • Be part of an active community?

It doesn’t matter what your age is, your level of fitness or sporting background. If you’d like to get healthy and fit but you’re not sure where to start, come along and join Lindy Hou and Matt Goodacre’s Exercise and Sports 4-part miniseries commencing on Wednesday 25 August at 7pm.

This will be a fortnightly session with information and ideas about fitness and exercise.

Session format

The sessions will go for approximately one to one and half hours. There will be a short meet and greet, followed by a pre-recorded presentation by Lindy and Matt (all Clients will be muted) for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. After the presentation, there will be an open forum where you can ask questions about the presentation or discuss anything else you’d like to know about sport and exercise. The open forum will not be recorded. To ensure we get to everyone’s questions, you will be invited to ask a question when you register for the session.

The recorded session will be provided to Clients who can’t make it to the session. If you’re interested and can’t make the session, please let us know so we can send it along to you.

Who are Lindy Hou and Matt Goodacre?

About Lindy:

Lindy’s passion for a full and healthy life extends beyond her career as a Paralympian.

“The best thing about winning Gold for Australia is that I can share my personal experience,” said Lindy.

Lindy has Retinitis Pigmentosa and has been legally blind since 1996. Her sight has degenerated over the years and now down to light perception. Her Guide Dog Comet has been helping her to get around for the last six years.

Since Lindy retired from Paralympic Cycling, she has continued to keep fit through walking, running, triathlon and rowing. Through Covid-19, long walks with Guide Dog Comet kept them socially connected while physical distancing from their neighbours.

About Matt:

“My name is Matt Goodacre, I’m 50 years old and I have Cone Rod Dystrophy.

Legally blind now and a Guide Dog Handler also.

I’ve played both competitive Soccer and Golf in my 50 years and only stopped playing both six years ago.

I embarked on a personal weight loss and wellbeing program myself in December last year. To date have lost 20Kgs and still going strong. I have done this through a few methods including walking more with my Guide Dog Obie, and working with a Personal Trainer funded by NDIS Support, and some (but not radical) changes to my diet. I’m supporting Lindy through the average Joe side of things and not an elite athlete’s perspective and hope that we can inspire others to try and be more active. I’m also a Tradesmen from a professional background and previously owned a business which employed over 30 staff at one stage.”


Register your interest by clicking the registration links below. You can sign up to multiple sessions or just one, it’s up to you. For more information email James at

Session 3

Date: Wednesday 22 September 2021

Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Register: Email

Registrations close: Friday 17 September 2021

In this session, Lindy and Matt will focus on ideas about how to get started, providing information for people with low vision or blindness to get involved in healthy living whether you are just starting out or have been participating or playing sports for a while. Lindy and Matt will share some thoughts and ideas on where you can get more information and how to get started on your healthy living journey.

Session 4

Date: Wednesday 6 October 2021

Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Register: Email

Registrations close: Friday 1 October 2021

In this final session of the miniseries, Lindy and Matt will explore goal setting. How to take little steps toward achieving one’s exercise goal. They will share ideas about how they got started on their own personal fitness journey.

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