Guide Dog Access Card.

A person with their Guide Dog is allowed access in all public places.
A yellow labrador Guide Dog in harness sitting flat on the ground looking at the camera. The Sydney Harbour bridge is in the background.

What is the Guide Dog Access Rights Card?

A powerful tool to raise awareness of Guide Dog access. In collaboration with NSW Police Force, the Guide Dog Access Rights card is designed to assist Guide Dog Handlers if they are denied access to a public place or business.

The Guide Dog Access Card is designed to send a powerful message to any person who denies or questions a person’s right to access a space with their Guide Dog. The card informs the person denying access that their action is an illegal and finable offence, and that the Police can be called (131 444).

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT can assist you to resolve an access issue or complaint. However, we do not provide legal advice or take legal action on behalf of individuals.

A person walking down the street with their yellow labrador Guide Dog who is in a harness.

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