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Guide Dog Mobility.

Using a Guide Dog can increase your independence and confidence while exploring the world.
A yellow labrador dog outside. The dog is in a profile view.

What is Guide Dog Mobility?

Guide Dog Mobility training provides skills and techniques to establish trust in your specially matched Guide Dog, so that you can walk freely and feel confident regardless of your vision level.

Thanks to their unique skills, Guide Dogs can recognise obstacles, move through large crowds with ease, board public transport and get you almost anywhere you need or want to go.

Every Guide Dog is carefully selected to match your personality and specific needs, and they’re always on hand to help you achieve your goals. Guide Dogs provide constant support and companionship throughout your partnership; the average partnership lasts from eight to ten years.

Throughout your partnership, internationally qualified Guide Dog Mobility Instructors provide ongoing training to ensure you have the skills and confidence you need for years to come.

A yellow labrador dog walking outside on grass with its handler. The handler is holding the lead while the dog is looking up at the handler.

Who can receive a Guide Dog?

In fact, the majority of our Guide Dog handlers have low vision.

There is no age limit for people with Guide Dogs. Guide Dogs can partner with:

  • School-aged and university students
  • Parents with young families
  • People who are employed full time, part time, or not in the work force
  • Older adults and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Our Guide Dog Mobility services are available all across regional and metropolitan New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

How could a Guide Dog assist me?

Through Guide Dog Mobility training you can:

A person walking down the street with their yellow labrador Guide Dog who is in a harness.
  • Get around your community safely with a Guide Dog; go to the shops, travel to work, attend restaurants, sports events or movies, and more.
  • Maximise your independence and confidence when moving through busy public places
  • Increase your opportunities to get social and spend more time with others
  • Travel to your favourite or most frequently visited destinations more efficiently
  • Develop a genuine bond and enjoy true companionship.

What does the matching process involve?

First, our team of specialist Guide Dog Mobility Instructors perform detailed assessments to identify whether a Guide Dog partnership is right for you.

Then, we learn a little more about your lifestyle, preferred walking speed, and how frequently you travel or enjoy social activities to find a Guide Dog that perfectly meets your needs. This relationship is the foundation for years of improved independence, safety and confidence.

A person looking straight at the camera with their arm around a yellow labrador dog. They are seated at the bottom of a set of stairs.

What funding can I use to access a Guide Dog Training Program and ongoing support?

However—as with all of our services—if you are not eligible for government funding, and can pass our assessment process, you can access our Guide Dog client training programs through funding provided by generous donations from the community.

Close up of a person with their Guide Dog, who is caramel in colour and in harness. The person is smiling at the dog.

How do I find out further information?

The materials and sessions will help you gain a better understanding of the role of a Guide Dog in your life.

The sessions are obligation free and are designed to help you determine whether a Guide Dog is the right option for you.

For further information you can call 1800 484 333.

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