Be fearless this International White Cane Day

October 09, 2020
A child wearing a red superhero cape, proudly holding a cane


Thursday 15 October is International White Cane Day (IWCD), a day to celebrate the achievements of people with blindness or low vision and highlight the white cane as a life-changing symbol and tool of independence.

IWCD is always an important day on the Guide Dogs calendar – as the white cane is the mobility tool of choice for a large amount Guide Dogs Clients. And we’re aware that right now, the importance of the white cane a visual signifier of low vision and blindness is more important than ever. It’s a reminder to the community to social distance so people with low vision or blindness can continue move safely, confidently and independently through any environment.

After a challenging year for many, we wanted to shine a light on the positive. This year, our IWCD campaign #ICaneDoIt celebrates the fun, fearless and adventurous spirit of our young Clients. For many of our youngest Clients, a white cane is often the key to their first experiences of independence and freedom. It is a tool they will count on throughout their life.

 “The cane means people can see I have low vision and they give me the space I need to find my way,” says six year old Guide Dogs Client Jude, who particularly likes using his cane when he is in a busy spaces like shopping centres, train stations or when there are stairs and escalators.

Jude, who was born with Marfan Syndrome – a genetic condition affecting the connective tissue in the body – and is legally blind, is described by his mums Stacey and Amanda as sassy and independent – a one-of-a-kind little boy.  

Jude’s current interest include playing spies and emergency services, and he loves being in a position of authority and obeying the law. Other interests include LEGO, YouTube for kids, playing vets and playing with his teddies!

Get involved – how you Cane Do It!

Join the conversation

Head to our Facebook and Instagram on IWCD to connect with other Guide Dogs Clients and to share your story of how your cane brings you independence. We’d love to hear from you! Make sure you tag @GuideDogsAustralia and use the hashtags #ICaneDoIt, #InternationalWhiteCaneDay and #IWCD


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