How your gift will transform someone’s life

August 27, 2020
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From 7th to 13th September 2020, we’re celebrating Include a Charity week – a week where some of Australia’s favourite charities come together to create conversations with their supporters about gifts in Wills and the impact they can make.

Every year, thousands of Australians living with low vision or blindness are able to live more independent lives thanks to a variety of Guide Dogs services – whether it’s through support from an Orientation and Mobility specialist or with the gift of a fully trained Guide Dog.

This incredible impact on so many Australians’ lives is only possible thanks to the generosity of our donors. These are people just like you, who leave a gift in their Will and in doing so create a legacy that will last a lifetime.

One of these supporters is Lynne, whose decision to leave a gift in her Will helped bring a special Guide Dog named Poppi into Liz’s life.

Before Poppi came into her life, Liz says she found the act of catching public transport to be a terrifying experience. So overwhelming was the feeling that she stopped leaving her house altogether and felt like a prisoner in her own home. That freedom and independence that we take for granted was out of reach for Liz – but thanks to the support of Lynne and other Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s bequestors, she was able to regain her independence with Poppi.

“Before I got Poppi, I couldn’t imagine how she would change my life,” Liz says.

“I couldn’t imagine being in the middle of the city, and I just don’t think I would have had a life. Poppi gives me the confidence to get out.”

By leaving a gift in her Will, Lynne knew she would leave a lasting legacy for people living with low vision or blindness.

“As a bequestor, I know that my money – which was hard earned – is going to go to people who really need it,” Lynne said.

“I can see directly that my money goes to training that Guide Dog which helps that person. And little by little, that person gets multiplied to 400 people and then 4,000 people, and that makes you feel good because you know it’s actually working. And the dogs are very cuddly as well!”

Big or small, every gift left in a Will makes an incredible impact to our Clients’ lives.

There are so many different ways your gift will have a profound impact on the lives of everyday Australians:

  • Mobility and orientation training for people with low vision or blindness
  • Assistive technology services such as screen readers, facial and barcode recognition
  • Ongoing support for Clients
  • Providing white canes for people living with low vision and blindness
  • Breeding, raising and training of new Guide Dogs
  • Training other types of service dogs such as Companion or Therapy Dogs

The simple act of leaving a gift in your Will to Guide Dogs can have a profound impact on the life of someone with low vision or blindness by supporting them to access services so they can enjoy a more independent life of their choosing.

Leave a gift that will transform someone’s life forever. Learn more about leaving a gift in your Will today


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