More gorgeous puppies changing people’s lives

February 06, 2020

Last year a number of our Sponsor Puppies finished service dog training and have gone on to become loyal Therapy Dogs and skilled Guide Dogs, thanks to our wonderful Puppy Sponsors. Here’s an update on two of them.


Marshall, affectionately known as ‘the marshmallow’, had the perfect personality to become a loving Therapy Dog.

After graduation, Marshall was selected for the Canine Court Companion Program, providing support to victims of crime, police and court professionals. Marshall happily sits at the feet of anyone who is distressed, helping to reduce anxiety, offer distraction and provide non-judgmental support.


After 18 months of training, Luna graduated as a skilled Guide Dog and is now bringing freedom and companionship to her new handler.

“Luna was born to be a Guide Dog!” says her trainer, Haylee. “From day one she put 110% into her training and picked up skills incredibly quickly. She looked so proud when wearing her harness.”

Our newest sponsor pups, Bud, Blossom and Sprout, are ready to begin their journey to become service dogs.

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