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Guide Dog access and etiquette.

A person with their Guide Dog is allowed access in all public places.
Two people seated at a cafe table looking at each smiling. Next to the table, at the feet of one of the people at the table, is a yellow labrador Guide Dog in harness who is looking at the camera.

Where can a Guide Dog go?

When a Guide Dog is in a harness, it is working and assisting the person with low vision to move around safely and independently.

A person using a harnessed Guide Dog is allowed entry into all public places. It is an offence to deny or charge a fee for the entry of a Guide Dog. Police and other authorised officers can issue on-the-spot fines or take further summary action on any violation of these access rights.

Black labrador dog in harness sitting next to its handlers leg.

How to interact with a person and their Guide Dog

It takes a lot of concentration for a person with low vision to work safely with their Guide Dog. Please don’t pat, feed or otherwise distract the Guide Dog when it is working.

Ask first if the person needs assistance. People who use Guide Dogs have been trained in the most effective ways to control their dog’s behaviour, so please only provide assistance if it is requested.

A person walking down the street with their yellow labrador Guide Dog who is in a harness.

International Guide Dog Day 2024

Anywhere you can go, Guide Dogs can go too.